The Dubious GOP Class of '94

Were they listed in the yearbook as "Most likely to offer teary-eyed resignation?" The Washington Post's Dana Milbank notes that departing Rep. Mark Souder (R-IN), who announced his resignation Tuesday after admitting an affair with a staffer, is one of a number of scandal-plagued Republicans from the famed “Republican revolution” Class of '94. That year saw Republicans dominate the midterm elections and capture both the House and Senate from the Democrats. Other notable flameouts include ex-Rep. Mark Foley of Florida, who admitted to sending inappropriate text messages and IMs to House pages; South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, currently tending to his relationship with his Argentine mistress; and Sen. John Ensign of Nevada, whose parents tried to buy the silence of his mistress' family. Milbank writes: "The House Republicans of '94 stand out: No fewer than 15 of the 73 elected in the landslide that year have entertained the nation with flaps that include messy divorces and a suspicious car accident."