Person of Interest

The Dems' Power-Ranger Donor

Haim Saban is one of the largest individual donors to the Democratic Party and a close confidant of the Clintons, but before he was a Democratic powerhouse, he was… the man who brought Mighty Morphin Power Rangers from Japan to America. The latest New Yorker profiles Saban, who now owns Univision. His closeness with the Clintons aids his business transactions: When he sold the Fox Family Channel in the biggest cash transaction by an individual in Hollywood history, he had Bill Clinton call Brazil’s president to speed up regulatory approvals. “His greatest concern,” Connie Bruck writes, “is to protect Israel, by strengthening the United States-Israel relationship.” When Clinton was president and Ehud Barak was Israel’s prime minister, Saban “occasionally provided a backchannel for communications.” So far, President Obama has shunned Saban, who “remains concerned that Obama is not fully committed to Israel,” Bruck says. To this day, Saban calls Hillary Clinton’s defeat in the Democratic presidential primary “my biggest lost—and not only mine. I’ll leave it at that.”