The Daily News’ Kate Winslet Scandal

Controversy is brewing over a story about Kate Winslet that appeared in Sunday's New York Daily News that very closely mirrors one that ran last month in the U.K.'s Daily Mail. The two articles focus on Winslet’s recent divorce from her husband, Revolutionary Road director Sam Mendes, and sport near-identical introductions that rehash the ex-couple’s peculiar morning routine. The Daily News article, written by staff writer Jacob Osterhout, even quotes directly from The Daily Mail article—though Osterhout attributes the quote to “an observer” rather than to The Daily Mail. “The Daily News was made aware this morning of an inadvertent omission of credit in our article about Kate Winslet in the ‘Your New York’ Sunday section,” a spokesperson told The Huffington Post. “The article should have credited the U.K. Daily Mail's Alison Boshoff for the comment that was quoted from 'one observer.’” Osterhout’s story does, however, include several interviews and details that do not appear in The Daily Mail article. You be the judge.