The 'Cozy' $191 Million Relationship

George Raymond, former director of an Army technology program, allegedly had a “cozy relationship” with Catherine Campbell, a favored private contractor—a relationship so close that it may involve passed confidential information and up to $191 million in government contracts. Though reforms were passed a decade ago to make the government’s procurement system more ethical, this latest affair reflects how little oversight and accountability the system really has. Evidence has surfaced that Raymond exposed confidential government information to Campbell and unfairly allowed her firm to write the terms for a contract. Raymond was also involved in a contract that awarded $185 million to Campbell’s firm. In addition to a chain of scandalous e-mails, The Washington Post reports that Raymond called her “Princess,” and she called him “Bubba.” Raymond—who has recently retired with full benefits and recommendations from co-workers—admits to working closely with Campbell (and passing sensitive material to her), but denies an inappropriate relationship. “Nobody ever pointed out that what I was doing was wrong,” Raymond told The Post. “I was never counseled.”