The Big Succession Secret

More news on the succession front: the oldest son of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il denies rumors he’s defected since his brother was tapped as his father’s successor, though he was evasive when asked to confirm the secret succession. “I think so. I hear this news by media,” he said, when asked if his younger brother Kim Jong-un would be the country’s next leader by Japanese broadcasters. Kim Jong-un is thought to be born in 1983 or 1984 and was reportedly educated in Switzerland, though no photograph exists of him as an adult. A successor is usually tapped years before he ascends to the role, and Kim Jong Il was rumored to suffer a stroke last year. "The appointment of a successor is totally my father's decision,” 37-year-old Kim Jong-nam said. “He makes his decisions so he doesn't need to talk to me or talk to another person.”