The Baltimore Sun's Sharp Decline

There was once a time when The Baltimore Sun had foreign bureaus in London, Beijing and Moscow. Now, the paper only has one correspondent stationed in Washington D.C., a mere 45 minutes away. Coverage of state politics has been thrown out the window too, as the Sun has no bureau in the capital, Annapolis. Now, with the latest round of cutbacks trimming the newsroom to only 140 people, some well-known readers of the paper are bemoaning the loss of the once-revered paper. Senator Ben Cardin of Maryland tells Politico that opening the Sun everyday is "somewhat painful," as he recognizes that the people of Maryland are "missing something." David Simon, creator of The Wire and an outspoken critic of the media, all but read the Sun's last rites at a hearing on the future of journalism on Capitol Hill. The remaining editors at the Sun say they're making a shift which emphasizes news content online, but they have a daunting task ahead of them.