The Apartment from Hell

“If you have ever groused about the size of your apartment, then visit Mr. Guzman’s on Seymour Avenue in the Bronx,” says today’s The New York Times. The article explores a flophouse in the Bronx that is home to as many as 30 men, each of whom pays $215 to $300 a month in rent. The apartment was condemned by firefighters last year, but the men remain there and argue that they deserve tenant protections. What exactly are they protecting? Three sets of bunk beds are crammed into a 10-by-12 room. The rooms stink of stale alcohol and are infested with bed bugs. The bathrooms are “spotted with a brackish mold.” After visiting, according to the Times, “You will walk out feeling chastened by your pampered sensibilities. You will breathe a little deeper and then go home to take a shower.”