The 50 Year Murder

An unbelievable story from the world of crime: William M. Jenkins was shot through the stomach and back on Oct 21, 1960 during a gang scuffle in Spanish Harlem, and the 49-year-old incident is now blamed for his recent death. Wheelchair Willie, as he became known, died two weeks ago from complications caused by the gunshot wounds, which arose when a member of a rival gang insulted another's mother. Despite occurring over four dozen years ago, Jenkins' death was ruled a homicide and is part of New York's 2009 statistics for murders, writes The Times. George Lemus, one of the brothers imprisoned for the crime, will not face new charges. The injury didn't stop Willie's wayward behavior: the ne'er do well was arrested four times between 1971 and 1991 for attempted murder and robbery from his wheelchair.