The 11-Year-Old College Grad

Whatever happened to playgrounds and video games? Moshe Kai Cavalin, an 11-year-old from California, is four feet, seven inches tall, and there’s a good chance he’s smarter than you. The A-plus average student is graduating from East Los Angeles Community College with a degree in astrophysics after completing courses in algebra, history, and astronomy. For fun, he plays soccer, watches Jackie Chan movies, and, of course, studies wormholes.“Just like black holes, they suck in particulate objects, and also like black holes, they also travel at escape velocity, which is, the speed to get out of there is faster than the speed of light.” If you feel intellectually inferior, don’t worry, Cavalin doesn’t like to brag: “I don't consider myself a genius because there are 6.5 billion people in this world and each one is smart in his or her own way.”