Twitter Victim

Thatcher Hashtag Causes Panic About Cher

Cher fans were positively shocked when they signed on to Twitter Monday morning and saw that one of the leading hashtags was #nowthatcherisdead. “Did Cher die?!” asked one, calling out into the Internet abyss for some kind of answer, a sign, anything! “RIP Cher,” wrote another. “At least now we’ll find out about life after love.” Clearly these people were a little late to the actual big news of the day or they would have read the hashtag not as “now that Cher is dead,” but as “now Thatcher is dead.” The hashtag was created by a website critical of Margaret Thatcher shortly after news broke that the former British prime minister had died. Cher, unless there is still some confusion, is still kicking and will be long after we’re all gone.