Thai State of Emergency Extended

After months of bloody violence, the Thai government has extended its state of emergency by three months, stating that protesters—known as the 'red-shirts'—remain active. "The government still needs the tools to ensure peace, order and stability for a while," said Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva. The state of emergency was first instituted on April 7, after months of protests that took the lives of 88 people and wounded over 2,000. Under a state of emergency the government can detain uncharged citizens for up to 30 days, bar public gatherings of more than five people and hand over power to the prime minister to override other government agencies. The red-shirts believe the current prime minister to be illegitimate, and are demanding new elections. Rights groups have criticized the government detaining activists, and critics have called for an end to the state of emergency, stating that it delays the reconciliation process.