Thai Boys Trapped in Cave Send Letters to Parents Ahead of Dangerous Rescue Mission

Twelve Thai boys facing a dangerous rescue mission from a flooded cave have sent letters to their loved ones urging them not to worry. Rescue divers relayed the messages to the boys’ families late Friday, as Thai authorities said low oxygen levels and poor weather had made the boys’ evacuation even more urgent. One boy reportedly told his family he is “doing fine” despite the “cold” air in the Tham Luang caves before reminding his parents to “set up my birthday party.” Another boy asked his parents not to worry and said he’s already making plans to go out for fried chicken after his escape. Ekapol Chanthawong, the coach of the boys’ soccer team, sent a letter to parents apologizing for bringing the boys into the caves during monsoon season. “I promise I will care for the kids as best as possible,” he wrote. Thai authorities in charge of the rescue mission said Saturday that the evacuation may include a “buddy dive,” in which each boy would be accompanied by a trained adult diver to get out of the complex.