Tiger's Women

Text Messages From an Affair?

Tiger Woods may keep a low tally on the green, but his purported sexual escapades are rising quickly. RadarOnline.com reports that several women are currently speaking out to the media about their alleged relationships with one of the world's most famous athletes. The revelations come following one woman's claim to have had a three-year affair with Woods. Jaimee Grubbs, a cocktail waitress from San Diego, says she met Woods in Las Vegas in 2007, and has text messages and voicemails to prove their affair, which includes naughty text exchanges and requests for salacious photos. The National Enquirer also has an exclusive story that claims Woods cheated with New York party girl Rachel Uchitel. Uchitel has adamantly denied the affair, but the Enquirer says it has evidence that the two were in a hotel together in Australia and several other sources that confirm the relationship.