Texas Gov. Furthers Death Panel Rumor

Texas Governor Rick Perry spoke of his love for Sarah Palin and fear of the health-care bill in an extensive interview with the Wall Street Journal. Perry called Palin "the face of America" and said she invigorated the base like no one since Reagan. He also took the time to gesture to the false "death panel" rumors about the health-care bill, popularized by Palin. "Particularly, the aspect of this [bill] that has to do with end-of-life decisions...are pretty cold-hearted in my opinion," he said. "You're a little too old to be spending money on, so we're just going to put you over here in the 'gonna die' category. 'Bye.' That's pretty gruesome and scary to people that are my mom and dad's age." The governor also touted the economic success of Texas, contrasting it with California and Michigan's floundering budgets, and attributed it to a rejection of tax-and-spend governance. Businesses are attracted to Texas because "we haven't spent all the money, the taxes are low, the regulatory climate is fair—they won't be frivolously sued—and they know when they get here that they'll find a skilled work force," he said.