Texas Gov Bashes Nutty County GOP Chairman

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott released a statement Friday denouncing Robert Morrow, the Hillary Clinton conspiracy theorist who was elected Tuesday to chair the Travis County Republican Party.

“Robert Morrow in no way speaks for the Republican Party or its values,” Abbott’s office wrote in a statement. “He cannot adequately represent the Travis County GOP.”

Morrow is notoriously incendiary with his rhetoric, and released a Clinton conspiracy book in October, co-authored with former Donald Trump aide Roger Stone. His rise to chairman of the Travis County GOP has come with controversy, as the county includes top Texas officials and is home to the state’s capital in Austin.

TWC Austin interviewed Morrow this week, as well as the county party’s vice chairman, Matt Mackowiak, who said he’s considering stripping all power he can from the position, including access to the party’s money, email accounts, and data. He’ll even explore the possibility of creating an alternate party organization at the local level—a move that seemingly mirrors the troubles the national GOP faces with Trump’s rise.

“The level of interest in this is clear,” Mackowiak said. “It’s not because people care about the Republican party of Travis County; it’s because there’s a lunatic that wants to serve in this role and wants to destroy the Republican Party of Travis County from the inside.”

Even the local Democratic Party has come out against Morrow, releasing a statement Thursday calling one of his many nutty conspiracies (that historian Doris Kearns Goodwin had sex with Lyndon B. Johnson who, in turn, murdered John F. Kennedy) “appalling.”

Julie Hertenberger, a Travis County GOP precinct chair, told a reporter: “Robert Morrow is a creep and that is a scriptural term. I do not even want to be in the same room he is in.”

Meanwhile, on Friday morning Morrow tweeted: “Rick Perry has craved fucking men in the ass most of his life! Dead serious.”

—Olivia Messer