Terror Bust 'Fully Controlled'

The four men who were busted by the Feds and NYPD last night as they tried to implement their plot to make "a fireball that would make the country gasp" despised Jews and "were filled with rage." New York Sen. Chuck Schumer said that if there was anything gain from the scary incident, it is that the would-be terrorists were unsophisticated, unconnected to any terrorist organization, and noticed by the authorities early on. An informant was fundamental to the operation against the quartet, as he was the driver of their getaway SUV. After the men planted bogus C4 in several cars in front of a Bronx synagogue, the authorities descended upon them, blocking their route with an 18-wheeler. Another armored vehicle pulled up, and authorities emerged, smashed the windows of the SUV, and handcuffed the men on the ground. One official told the New York Times the entire plan was "fully controlled at all times."