Tens of Thousands to Protest in NYC

The freshly evicted Occupy Wall Street protesters may not have a home, but they’re booked solid Thursday. Tens of thousands of the 99 percenters plan a citywide event that will begin at 7 a.m. on the two-month anniversary of the movement. The march will start in the financial district, with the goal of interfering with the workday. By midday, protesters will target public-transportation hubs, while students are urged to stage walkouts. The demonstrators will converge on lower Manhattan’s Foley Square, where a rally will take place—backed by the city’s unions and reportedly supported by a permit. While no details of police preparation have been released, there are reports that police will begin their day at 4 a.m. Late Wednesday, the New York Daily News reported that only 16 people were in Zuccotti Park. Meanwhile, in downtown San Francisco Wednesday, dozens of protesters invaded a Bank of America branch, chanting “Shame, shame.” In more than two hours, 100 were reportedly arrested.