Ten Killed in Mississippi Tornado

Ten people died in the tornadoes and severe storms that tore through Mississippi Saturday, and dozens of homes have been rendered uninhabitable. Of the ten victims, at least were children, ages 3 months, 9 and 14. The twister was up to 300 yards wide, and Gov. Haley Barbour called in the National Guard. The American Red Cross and Salvation Army have dispatched crews as 17 counties have been declared in states of emergency. "We still have people trapped in houses and cars," Barbour said in an impromptu news conference in Yazoo City Satuday. "It reminds me of [Hurricane] Katrina." Hospitals have been admitting many patients, including a pregnant woman and a man with an open chest wound. No official estimate of the damage is available yet. Louisiana suffered damage too before the storm jumped the Mississippi River and picked up steam.