Teen Says He Murdered Parents Over Chores

Fourteen-year-old John Caudle confessed to killing his parents after an argument about errands, court documents revealed Saturday. A sheriff’s deputy stopped Caudle driving three and half hours away from his family’s Colorado home and shortly thereafter, his grandfather found his parents, Tracy and Joanne Rinebarger, shot dead in their home. Caudle allegedly aimed two .22-caliber pistols toward his mother during an argument in October “because he did not want to do household chores,” according to an affidavit. The teenager confessed he then hid in the laundry room until his stepfather returned home and shot him as he walked past Caudle unknowingly. Afterward, Caudle told investigators he played on his computer and watched movies before driving Rinebarger’s truck to school the following day. Though teachers and friends said the high-school student seemed happy that day, Caudle has since been held at the Pueblo Youth Center as prosecutors and public defenders debate the minor's potential move to an adult prison.