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Teen Matador Slays 6 Bulls

File under “not your average teenager”: A 16-year-old Spanish matador managed to kill six bulls in a series of fights today, one of which weighed in at a whopping 959 pounds and was killed with a single blow from the boy’s sword. “It was a good afternoon of bullfighting, and people were not bored,” said Jairo Miguel Sanchez Alonso, whose father is also a bullfighter. “Ever since I was very small I have had this in my genes. I have practically grown up with bulls.” Most professional matadors are closer to 30 and rarely participate in more than two bullfights on a given day. Alonso even had sympathetic words for the bulls, and said, "I feel quite bad when the bull has been good, and you see the expression on his face, the innocence. He has given you his bravery, he has collaborated so that you win praise and people stand in ovation."