Ted Williams's Freezer Burn

The Alcor Life Extension Foundation must be staffed by Yankee fans. The Daily News reports that Frozen, a new book by former Alcor executive Larry Johnson, reveals the company’s abuse of the frozen body of Ted Williams, the Red Sox star and .400 hitter. Williams’s body was apparently kept in a steel tank alongside junk and cardboard boxes, and his head—“gleefully” removed by technicians with no medical certification—was balanced on a can of Bumblebee tuna. In an effort to remove the head from the can (we all get hungry sometimes), one employee whacked at it with a monkey wrench, sending “tiny pieces of frozen head” flying. Johnson, who once tried to sell photos of Williams’s corpse online, says that he hopes the book will lead to the fulfillment of Teddy Ballgame’s wishes: the major league star expressed in his will a desire for his body to be cremated.