Teacher Raped and Stabbed

Left alone in a room full of sex offenders at an Arizona prison, a female state prison teacher was stabbed and sexually assaulted by a convicted rapist. The rape, which took place at the end of January, happened at a unit that houses 1,300 rapists, child molesters, and other sex offenders. Officials said the teacher was asked by an inmate named Jacob Harvey if she could open the bathroom door, then he stabbed her in the head, brought her to the ground, and raped her. The teacher told authorities she screamed for help but nobody came. She had been left with no guard and only a radio, which had been put on the wrong channel. At the time of the incident, the state's department of corrections issued what the AP calls "a bare-bones press release." Shockingly, state-prison officials are claiming that assaults are a risk that comes with the job. Harvey was serving a 30-year sentence for raping a woman in 2011. He knocked on a woman's door, asked for a drink of water, forced his way in and raped her multiple times while her 2-year-old was also present.