Tea Partier Posts Rep.'s Address

Just a “good face-to-face chat,” eh? Mike Troxel, a Tea Partier in Lynchburg, Virginia, posted what he thought was the home address of Rep. Tom Perriello and encouraged his readers to drop by for a “good face-to-face chat.” When it turned out that Troxel had actually posted the address of Perriello’s brother, who lives with his wife and four small children, Troxel refused at first to take it down, saying “I have no reason to believe it’s not his house.” Troxel eventually took the posting down, but not before the FBI opened an investigation into an event near Perriello’s brother’s home. Perriello, for his part, shrugged off the whole affair: “I’ve lived in Sierra Leone for two years, where the life expectancy is 34 years old. If the worst thing that happens is that special-interest groups spend millions of dollars against me and my most ardent opponents organize against me, it’s hardly a ‘cry me a river’ moment—as long as people act civil and within the law.”