Pretty Reckless

Taylor Momsen Kicked Off Gossip Girl Report

Actress and rocker Taylor Momsen’s shredded tights, lack of pants, and heaps of heavy eye make-up are seemingly no longer fitting into Gossip Girl’s glamorous aesthetic. The show’s 17-year-old star—and youngest cast member—will be put on “an indefinite hiatus” from the CW series after next Monday’s episode, according to Momsen, who plays rebel Brooklynite Jenny Humphrey, only appeared on three episodes this season, but the series still lists her as a regular. The burgeoning singer’s off-screen behavior has been raising eyebrows recently—from a feud with Project Runway’s Tim Gunn to flashing her chest to the crowd while on tour with her band The Pretty Reckless. Reps for The CW and producer Warner Bros. declined to comment on Deadline’s story, but inside sources told E! Online, Momsen “isn’t going anywhere.”