Tarantino Fame For ‘Basterds’ Trilogy

Quentin Tarantino sat down with The Root editor in chief Henry Louis Gates Jr. to discuss whether his upcoming film Django Unchained is actually the second installment in a historical revenge-fantasy trilogy starting with Inglorious Basterds. The gratuitous-gore-loving director revealed that the Brad Pitt–led renegade band of Nazi hunters was only a side story in his original vision for Inglorious Basterds, and that the larger plot, about black American troops revolting against their white soldiers and officers, was ultimately cut. That story—which Tarantino said is already half written—would likely be the third installment of the Inglorious Basterds series and would take place in 1944, after the invasion of Normandy. As for when we’ll see the next great historical revenge? We’ll have to stay tuned.