Talk Show Host Dishes on Mariah

Who would believe that Mariah Carey is a diva? According to Kate Garraway, the host of British morning talk show GMTV, Carey's recent appearance on the show was filled with unreasonable demands and bizarre requests. Garraway said that Carey had more entourage at GMTV than GMTV had crew, and that the pop star had some of her retinue members watch the taping to make sure she was being captured at her best angle. Carey also brought her own roll of toilet paper, and needed two attendants to lower her onto the sofa to speak. Carey, who has in the past said she's "baffled, shocked and appalled" by accusations of diva-like behavior, was not actually in the studio at the same time as Garraway. Carey's publicist said that Garraway's charges are a "clear, gross exaggeration."