Taliban Threatens Pakistan Aid Workers

As foreign aid workers scramble to help Pakistan's flood victims, the Taliban hinted Thursday that they're considering launching attacks against the U.N., whose presence, they say, is "unacceptable to us." Relief workers have been attacked in Pakistan before, but this potential attack in particular would complicate an aid effort with a massive 8 million people in need of emergency assistance. "Behind the scenes they have certain intentions, but on the face they are talking of relief and help," said a Taliban spokesperson. "No relief is reaching the affected people, and when the victims are not receiving help, then this horde of foreigners is not acceptable to us at all." The U.N., meanwhile, remains steadfast in their mission. "We will obviously take these threats seriously as we did before, and take appropriate precautions," said U.N. humanitarian chief John Holmes, "but we will not be deterred from doing what we believe we need to do, which is help the people of Pakistan."