Syrian Forces Open Fire on Funeral

The situation is getting worse in Syria, as security forces fired on tens of thousands of mourners in funeral processions Saturday, killing at least six people. The funeral processions were for some 75 people killed Friday, which was the deadliest day of uprisings against authoritarian President Bashar al-Assad. Witnesses claim security forces killed four people in Douma, and two in the southern village of Izraa. “They prevented us from continuing our way to the cemetery,” said a witness in Douma, where he claimed at least 50,000 people were participating in the funeral procession there. Approximately 300 people have been killed since the uprising began in mid-March; on Friday, a 70-year-old man and two boys ages 7 and 10 were among those killed, according to Amnesty International. President Obama has called the violence “outrageous” and called on Assad to give his people the freedoms they demand.