Switched-at-Birth Families Reunite

After seeing a news report about babies given to the wrong parents, Dimas Aliprandi wondered whether that explained why he, unlike his entire family, had blond hair and blue eyes. When DNA tests confirmed that he wasn't related to his father or mother, he began searching for his biological parents. He found them, the Plasters, and the son of the couple he had thought were his biological parents for 24 years, on a farm in southeastern Brazil 30 miles away. The final twist in an already improbable story is that the two families hit it off and decided to move in together. A year ago the Aliprandis moved onto the Plasters' farm. "Elton and I wanted to remain with those who raised us and with our birth parents. We wanted to expand our families," Dimas said. "This is the way it should be," Adelson Plaster recently told Globo TV.