‘Suspicious’ Deaths of Canadian Billionaire and His Wife Stir Gossip

Police do not know how Canadian billionaire Barry Sherman and his wife, Honey, were killed, but the “suspicious” circumstances have raised questions in the days since their bodies were found hanging from the edge of their indoor pool in their Toronto home in December. There were no signs of forced entry into the lavish 12,000-square-foot home, authorities said. The Toronto Star initially reported that unidentified police sources believe the deaths were the result of a murder-suicide, but family members called such speculation “irresponsible.” In any case, the prominent family’s death in the quiet Toronto suburb has stirred gossip. “Nobody will support a theory of either murder-suicide or double suicide,” said family lawyer Brian Greenspan. “To everyone who knew them it’s inconceivable.” On Friday, the Star reported that private investigators hired by the family believe there is evidence the couple was murdered by multiple assailants.