Suspects Wore GPS During Murders

Apparently, GPS ankle bracelets do very little to deter or solve crimes. Police in California say two paroled sex offenders managed to rape and kill at least four women while never once taking off their mandated GPS tracking devices. Franc Cano and Steven Dean Gordon were wearing the ankle bracelets when they allegedly committed the crimes last fall and earlier this year. Anaheim Police Lt. Bob Dunn said the men had been complying with their duty to check in with parole officers regularly, so there was no reason for police to keep a special eye on them. They have also had to submit DNA samples, and their computers were reportedly monitored by the federal government after fleeing Los Angeles in 2012 and attempting to cut the bracelets off. District Attorney Tony Rackauckas claimed investigators had “put a stop to a serial killing,” but he failed to explain why the two men had been allowed to rape and kill multiple women while under apparently tight police surveillance.