Suspect in Murder Described on Reddit Arrested in Texas

A Canadian man accused of killing his girlfriend and describing the crime on Reddit was arrested while apparently trying to cross the U.S.-Mexico border, authorities said Wednesday. Police in Canada say 24-year-old Ager Hasan was taken into custody during an unrelated traffic stop in San Antonio, bringing a two-month manhunt to an end. An arrest warrant was issued for Hasan’s arrest after his girlfriend, Melinda Vasilije, was found stabbed to death in her Ontario home on April 28. Soon after, a man claiming to be Hasan confessed to the killing on Reddit, posting photos of the couple and describing the murder in detail. The posts purported to be by Hasan also said he’d fled to the U.S., prompting a cat-and-mouse game between Hasan and Canadian investigators as they urged him to surrender. Police have said they are aware of the social-media posts about the killing but cannot confirm if Hasan was the person posting.