Suspect, 2 Victims Dead at Mall Near Boston

Massachusetts police are seeking a motive behind a violent rampage that left two people dead Tuesday night after a man rammed his car into a suburban Boston shopping mall and stabbed four people. An off-duty sheriff’s deputy shot and killed the suspect, who was identified as Arthur J. DaRosa, 28. Police said DaRosa crashed his vehicle through the front entrance of the Macy’s department store at the Silver City Galleria in Taunton, before stabbing several people in the nearby Bertucci’s restaurant. An off-duty Plymouth County sheriff’s deputy shot and killed him shortly thereafter. The incident reportedly began when DaRosa crashed his car, went into a nearby home and stabbed two women. One of those women, an 80-year-old, died from her wounds. Her daughter was still at the hospital recovering from life-threatening injuries. Next, DaRosa ran into the restaurant, grabbed more knives and stabbed two diners, killing one of them. State police said of the off-duty officer who killed DaRosa: “He is a hero.”