Got Talent?

Susan Boyle’s Biggest Competition

The voice that captured a nation and sparked a YouTube frenzy—and then just as quickly fell off everyone’s radar—returns to television this weekend. Not surprisingly, Susan Boyle, everyone’s favorite muumuu-wearing Scot, made the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent on Saturday evening. The next hoop for the 48-year-old spinster to jump through is a vote by the public and judges to see who will advance to the grand finale. Competition for the “I Dreamed a Dream” singer includes three farmers, a violinist, an 11-year-old street dancer, a 73-year-old breakdancer, and 12-year-old Shaheen Jafargholi, whose performance of “Who’s Lovin’ You” was praised by Demi Moore. Brits, for the love of Les Miz, ready your dialing fingers—we can’t take another reality show upset.