Susan Boyle Victim of Foul Play?

Susan Boyle sabotage! Videos uploaded to YouTube during the season finale of Britain’s Got Talent reportedly displayed an incorrect phone number for viewers to dial in order to cast votes for Boyle. The last two digits, meant to read “08” either came up as “07” or “09”—the numbers of other contestants. Dance group Diversity won with a margin of just 4.7 percent of the vote, leading some to think that Boyle’s loss was the result of the clerical error. Meanwhile, Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden went on Larry King Live to defend the show against claims that it “exploited” Boyle. The so-called Hairy Angel’s post-finale health problems led to speculation that the show provided inadequate care for its contestants. Holden fired back by accusing tabloid media attention for Boyle’s meltdown and hospitalization. “We are a very loyal show, we love Susan very much,” Holden said. “All the contestants that appear on the show are extraordinarily well looked after.”