Person of Interest

Susan Boyle: 'Quite a Week'

“It has been quite a week,” says Susan Boyle, the “dowdy singing spinster,” in a Sunday Times profile. Since hitting the Web last weekend, her audition tape for Britain’s Got Talent has garnered more than 25 million views on YouTube. Boyle, in describing herself to The Times, admits to looking “like a garage,” but of her admission that she had never been kissed, she says “Oh, I was just joking around. It was just banter and it has been blown out of all proportion.” Of her audition, she says, “I knew what they were thinking. I saw people laughing and I knew they were laughing at me. But I thought, well, they’ll soon shut up when they hear me sing. And they did.” Over on The Times' opinion page, Minette Marrin describes seeing Boyle sing as “one of the most moving and astonishing things I have seen for months.” The clip of her singing, Marrin writes, “has all the symbolic power of a fairy story. It's a story of transformation...We should be inspired by the surprising Susan Boyle.”