Say What?

Support for Chris Brown Grows

Weeks after allegedly beating his girlfriend Rihanna, Chris Brown appears not only to have earned her forgiveness, but also a surprising amount of public sympathy as well, the L.A. Times writes. While commenters on blogs have been quick to defend Brown, some celebrities have gotten into the act as well—Kanye West pleaded with a Culver City studio audience recently on Brown's behalf, asking "can't we give Chris a break?" On tonight’s episode of VH1 Storytellers, West will defend a handful of demonized celebrities including Michael Phelps, Michael Jackson, and O.J. Simpson—although his controversial defense of Brown will not air. According to People magazine, Rihanna herself may have forgiven Brown. People reports that the young pair are holed up at P. Diddy's Miami Beach mansion, working on reconciliation. No charges have been filed against Brown.