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Sundance Film Festival 2011 Lineup Revealed

As last year’s Sundance hits, Winter’s Bone and Waiting for 'Superman', continue to garner major awards season buzz, Sundance—the preeminent indie film festival—unveiled the competition lineup on Wednesday for its 2011 edition in Park City, Utah. Whereas last year’s crop of competing movies boasted big names such as Kristen Stewart, Natalie Portman, James Franco, and James Gandolfini, this year’s slate of 115 competition features and documentaries, culled from 3,812 submissions, brings the focus back on the stories themselves. “For whatever reason, there aren’t as many big stars doing an independent turn as in past years, and that’s perfectly fine with us,” said festival director John Cooper. But the lineup, which you can view here, is not completely devoid of big names—Demi Moore and Ellen Burstyn star in The Loved Ones, John C. Reilly leads the cast of Terri, Hugh Dancy and Elizabeth Olsen—younger sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley—are featured in Martha Marcy May Marlene and Liv Tyler and Patrick Wilson head up The Ledge.