Sully's New Job

Looks like the U.S. Airways fliers lined up to take a ride with “Miracle on the Hudson” pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger will have to wait a little longer. The hero pilot, who saved the passengers of Flight 1549 after birds broke the plane’s engines over the Hudson River last January, has announced that while he’s ready to go back to work, it’s in a new and unexpected capacity. Instead of safely navigating faulty planes while they’re airborne, Sully will now make them safe when they’re still on the ground as well, in his new role as a member of the airline’s flight operations safety management team. “The months since January 15 have been very full, and my family and I have had some unforgettable experiences. … However, I have missed working with my colleagues at U.S. Airways and I am eager to get back in the cockpit with my fellow pilots in the months ahead. In my new role, I will continue to be the same kind of advocate for aviation safety that I have been for several decades,” the pilot said in a statement.