Student Arrested for Illegally Modified AR-15 in Car on Campus, Cops Say

A University of Central Florida mechanical engineering student was arrested Wednesday after authorities allegedly found an illegally modified AR-15 in his car on campus. Max Chambers, 20, admitted to owning the modified machine gun, which had been been fitted with a device to make it fully automatic, and several knives, police said. “The test fire confirmed the AR-15 is a machine gun,” his arrest affidavit reportedly said. Chambers also had several legally owned firearms that followed university policy. “At no time was there an expressed threat to the university community. However, any violation of state law and university policies related to firearms is concerning in this day and age,” UCF Police Chief Carl Metzger said Wednesday, adding that Chambers knew using the device was illegal, “but said he does not like laws.” Police said they received a tip that the college student was in violation of the school’s weapons policy. He was arrested and faces charges of possession of a machine gun and a bump-fire stock.