Stormy Daniels: Michael Cohen’s Treatment of Women Like Me ‘Ends Now’

Stormy Daniels delivered a short statement to reporters outside a New York City courtroom in which she sent a message to Michael Cohen, who is under investigation by the FBI for, among other things, allegedly paying her $130,000 in hush money to keep quiet about an affair with President Donald Trump. “For years, Mr. Cohen has acted like he is above the law, he has considered himself and openly referred to himself as Mr. Trump’s fixer. He has played by a different set of rules or should we say no rules at all,” the adult-film actress said with her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, beside her. “He has never thought that the little man, or especially women or even more, women like me, matter. That ends now. My attorney and I are committed to making sure that everyone finds out the truth and facts of what happened and I give my word that we will not rest until that happens.”