Stephen King's Tweet Saves Local Book Reviews in Maine Newspaper

Stephen King’s public complaint over a Maine newspaper’s decision to stop running local book reviews prompted a campaign to reverse the cutback, according to the Associated Press. King, who resides in Bangor, voiced his frustration Friday on Twitter over the Portland Press Herald’s decision to stop running freelancer reviews of books about the state, as well as reviews penned by Maine authors. “The Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram will no longer publish local, freelance-written reviews of books about Maine, set in Maine, or written by Maine authors.Retweet this if you're from Maine (or even if you're not). Tell the paper DON'T DO THIS,” the Carrie author said. The newspaper said it would reinstate these reviews if King’s followers bought digital subscriptions. King’s fans wound up subscribing, prompting the publication to bring back these reviews. The paper tweeted at 11:01 a.m. Saturday: “You all are the best readers anywhere. Sincerely. We're at our goal. Book reviews will return.We love you Maine. We love you journalists. We love you newspapers.”