Steele's Latest Gaffe Directed at Obama

Just in time to celebrate his 100th day in office, Michael Steele has made another instantly regrettable statement. He isn’t exactly known for his restraint but still managed to raise eyebrows on Friday for saying that Obama, in regards to a new justice on the Supreme Court, should “empathize right on your behind.” The Republican National Committee Chairman disagrees with Obama’s view that Justice David Souter’s replacement should bring “empathy and understanding” along with legal knowledge to the Court. “Crazy nonsense empathetic! I’ll give you empathy. Empathize right on your behind. Craziness!” Steele said on the Morning in America radio show. He added that Obama should be searching for a judge who knows the Constitution and respects the rule of law. At least Steele has back-up this time: Senator Orrin Hatch called empathy “a buzzword for judicial activists.”