Steele Reaches Out to Palin

In a time when jobs are scarce, Sarah Palin is lucky to have admirers in high places: the outgoing governor of Alaska is receiving support from outspoken Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, who is already reaching out to offer her a place in the RNC. “I’m very excited about the opportunity to have Sarah Palin freed up now to engage across the country to help…reorient the party and grow it,” Steele told Fox News. “She said she now wants to be able to contribute in a different way, and as RNC chairman, I absolutely welcome it.” But he also seemed hesitant to rush her into the White House: "Not having talked to the governor, I take 2012 off the table right now simply because given everything she's going through personally, dealing with the financial mess that all these ludicrous investigations have put her and Todd in, at the moment, I think she's trying to focus on getting her house in order, her personal house in order."