Starving Teen Found Near Death in Oklahoma Barn

Oklahoma authorities arrested a starving teenager’s family for child neglect after he was found in a barn last week, The Oklahoman reported. The 15-year-old, 80-pound boy was discovered living with farm animals in Lincoln County after a passerby noticed the teen and called the Department of Human Services hotline. The boy told authorities that his father shot him in the leg with a 12-gauge shotgun last year. The homeschooler allegedly survived off of sticks, leaves, and grass. No formal charges have been filed against the victim’s four family members, including 34-year-old father Jimmy Lee Jones Sr., 46-year-old stepmother Amy Jo Jones, 20-year-old brother Jonathan Luke Plank, and 24-year-old brother Tyler Joe Adkins. “He was malnourished and had suffered abuse,” according to Lincoln County Assistant District Attorney Adam Panter. “Doctors said he was within a week of death.”