'Stand Your Ground' Shooter Not Guilty of Murder

Another stellar example of Florida's criminal justice system. Michael Dunn, a 47-year-old man who fired shots on a car of unarmed teenagers and killed a passengers, has been found guilty of three counts of attempted murder, but a jury came to a mistrial on the murder count. Dunn, who is white, said he didn't like the “thug” music of the teenagers, who were African-American, and fired nine shots at the car, three of which struck then 17-year-old Jordan Davis who was in the backseat. Dunn will still face at least 60 years in prison, but the mistrial echoes the tensions over race and self-defense that Florida dealt with most recently with the Trayvon Martin trial. Assistant State Attorney Angela Corey said she plans to re-try Dunn for first-degree murder.