Stacey Abrams Won’t Acknowledge Brian Kemp as Legitimate Governor

Former Democratic Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams on Sunday refused to describe her Republican opponent Brian Kemp as the legitimate new governor after acknowledging her defeat to him a day earlier. In an interview on CNN’s State of the Union, Abrams suggested voter suppression played a role in the state’s gubernatorial election and described Kemp—who was the Secretary of State during the race—only as the “legal” governor. “He is the person who won an adequate number of votes to become the governor” in accordance with the law, Abrams said. “But we know sometimes the law does not do what it should. And that something being legal does not make it right. This is someone who has compromised our systems; he has compromised our Democratic systems,” she said. “It began eight years ago with the systematic disenfranchisement of more than a million voters. It continued with the underfunding and disinvestment in polling places, in training and in the management of the county delivery of services. And I think it had its pinnacle in this race,” she said.