St. Paul’s Parent Funded Rapist Defense

A well-known parent at St. Paul's School in New Hampshire raised money to pay for Owen Labrie's defense team during his rape trial, according to new documents in a lawsuit brought by the victim and her family against the school. Joshua Abram, co-founder of the members only co-working space NeueHouse, wrote an email to other parents and alumni seeking $100,000 to pay for Labrie's experienced attorney, J.W. Carney. Abram noted that he was donating $10,000 himself and that Carney had successfully litigated similar cases. He beseeched other families "who feel that while the facts of this case can only be decided by a judge and jury, we can be united in the bedrock principle that Owen has the right to...a proper defense." Labrie was a scholarship student at the elite prep school.