St. Louis Police Open Perjury Probe Into Greitens Investigator

St. Louis police have opened a probe into the private investigator who led the invasion of privacy case against Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. After meeting with Greitens’ defense team, the police have started the probe into perjury allegations against Don Tisaby, a former FBI agent who’s accused of putting “words in the mouth” of witnesses and “remov[ing] information favorable to Greitens from reports.” Tisaby denies any wrongdoing. In addition, the lawyer of the ex-husband of the woman who had an affair with Gov. Greitens claims he received $100,000 in cash from an unknown source in January, and now says he tipped the FBI off about the money. Al Watkins claims that half of the money was delivered by Scott Faughn, the publisher of The Missouri Times—who says that the money was related to book research, according to The Kansas City Star. The invasion of privacy case against Greitens was dismissed Tuesday, which he called a “great victory.”