Out of the Dark

Spider-Man Back on Broadway, No Injuries Reported

It’s not exactly good publicity when the fact that no one was injured during a musical makes headlines. The seemingly cursed Broadway show Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark actually seemed to go off without a hitch Thursday, when it resumed after several days of safety meetings following an injury left the show's main aerialist hospitalized. Three different actors stepped in to play Spider-Man (one for flying, one for dancing, and one for dialogue) and previously concussed star Natalie Mendoza stayed off the stage, reportedly on “vocal rest.” Before the show started, two producers took to the stage to both welcome and warn the audience about “some bumps in the road.” Luckily, however, there weren’t any to report since the aforementioned actor, Christopher Tierney, fell 30 feet into the orchestra pit earlier this week, leading state legislators to call for better safety measures and enlist a task force to analyze worker safety in theaters.